The key principle of Lukbeloil enterprises activities in the process of production, treatment and transportation of oil is sustainable development, which involves accelerated economic growth accompanied by prioritization of issues regarding labor protection, provision of industrial and ecological safety, and, also, minimization of negative impacts on environment.

Lukbeloil management is committed to the principle of priority of its employees’ life and health. In the course of operations all necessary measures are taken to enhance reliability of industrial equipment utilization and to implement modern progressive technologies.

For prevention, elimination and reduction of risks down to acceptable level, and, also, for the continuous improvements in the field of labor protection, provision of industrial and ecological safety in 2014 the Company approved the Policy on health protection, industrial safety, environmental control and social responsibility.

In the course of its operations Lukbeloil is committed to the following:

  • reaching “Target – Zero”, by elimination of injuries and deterioration of peoples’ health and environmental pollution.
  • sound utilization of natural resources, materials and energy.
  • compliance with Russian and International Legislation and with conditions of Cost Sharing Agreements.
  • respecting interests of local communities in the regions of operations.
  • informing the public on the results of its operations.

To implement the Policy Targets as related to ecological safety, within the Company developed and applied are the Short Term Program of Measures on Environment Protection and Rehabilitation for the Period 2014-2016 and the Long Term Program of Measures on Environment Protection and Rehabilitation for the Period 2015-2020.

The Programs contain the system of measures on preservation, improvement and rehabilitation of environment, its parts and components, on sound environmental management, environmental conditions control, ecological education and administration, information sharing with locals on the environmental conditions. Ecological Programs had been developed on the basis of medium term and short term Plans for Environment Protection Measures of Lukbeloil , having within their operational activities processes with potential influence on people’s health and environment. With the purpose for provision of the planned reduction of negative influence on the environment, the Lukbeloil implements measures on the environment protection management on the annual basis.