Russian assets of the Company in sphere of hydrocarbon production are presented by 13 fields in the Nenetsk Autonomous Area, that are developed within the frame of JC RUSVIETPETRO, Kharyaga field in the frame of PSA, small oil fields of oil producing companies of Orenburgnefteotdacha and Ulyanovskneftegaz, as well as oil producing area on Kolguyev Island in the Arkhangelsk region.

Block 1 includes one North-Khosedayuskoye oil field named after A. Slivki, 120 km away from Varandeysky terminal at seaside and 146 km away from Kharyaga field which is connected to trunk pipeline.

North-khosedayuskoye oil field was discovered in 1984, it belongs to middle category, recoverable oil resources of C1 category are estimated to 22.1 million tons.

Block 2 includes Visovoye and Verkhnekolvinskoye fields.
Visovoye field was discovered in 1989, 170 km away from Ardalinskoye field being developed, which is connected to trunk pipeline.
Verkhnekolvinskoye field is located 148 km away from Kharyaga oil field

Block 3 includes West-Khosedayuskoye, Sikhoreyskoye, East-Sikhoreyskoye and North-Sikhoreyskoye oil fields.
West-Khosedayuskoye oil field named after D. Sadetsky was discovered in 1988, 126 km away from Kharyaga.
Sikhoreyskoye oil field was discovered in 1989, 109 km away from Kharyaga. East-sikhoreyskoye oil field was discovered in 1990, 128 km away from Kharyaga.
North-Sikhoreyskoye oil field was discovered in 1990, 130 km away from Kharyaga.

Block 4 includes North-Oshkhotynskoye, Surkharatinskoye, Pyuseyskoye, South-Surkharatinskoye fields.
All the fields are located 100-140 km away from Kharyaga.